“Art has the power to change public debate, because it has the power to change each of us”

ARTIS—“Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies”— represents a first-of-its-kind collaboration to theoretically explore, empirically capture, and co-create individual and societal change via the transformative power of art.


Through our collaboration, and with a large number of supporting artists, museum, gallery, and policystakeholder partners, we will engage in a first-of-its-kind program, focusing on the specific topic of transformation and art’s impact on individuals and society.

 Relation to H2020

ARTIS is proposed within the work program H2020 TRANSFORMATIONS: Societal challenges and the arts. To accomplish this, we will uniquely address the ARTIS solution all aspects, from empirical assessment, socio-political transformations, artistic engagement, artistic production to policy-making and outreach




 Concept and Approach

To achieve our objectives, ARTIS is framed around three main concepts that together will drive the project and define the scope of our work: the concept of transformation as a theoretical and scientific focus for investigating interactions with art, empirical assessment as a means of approaching this topic, and a multiplicity of perspectives that we will considered.


To achieve our objectives, and to address as systematically and comprehensively as possible all of the factors, ARTIS requires cross-cutting disciplines and integrating methodologies from diverse fields of research. Indeed, this is the strength and the defining principle of our ARTIS consortium. 


Our ambition is to achieve no less than the creation of the most comprehensive, most theoretically- and empirically-grounded, and the most actionable systematic analysis of artistic impact on the human individual and society, shaped around the topic of transformations in the artistic context. ARTIS will go beyond the state-of-the-art in a number of ways, including conceptualization, methodology, interventions, and policy-making.


The expected impacts of ARTIS are both multifaceted and far-reaching. This begins with our work to uncover, understand, and eventually co-create and promote innovative approaches employing artistic perspectives to societal challenges affecting Europe. By our unique systematic program and collaboration across artistic, educational, institutional, policy, and scientific perspectives we can go far beyond the present state of discussion and application of art.


ARTIS will be implemented over four years with 9 Work Packages (WPs), and sub-divided into four main phases, designed to systematically achieve our objectives, capture (WP 2-5), connect (WP 6-7), apply (WP 8) and promote (WP 9). To that end, WP1, constituting the backbone of the project, is devoted to both management and to partners/stakeholder communication.