Kunsthochschule Weissensee (KHB) DE

Specific Department: Foundation Year Department

Main individuals carrying out task

(1)  Ulf Aminde, Professor Kunsthochschule Weissensee

(2)  Christine Goutrié, Professor Kunsthochschule Weissensee

Main tasks

The main task of KHB is to provide feedback of the relevance of the empirical data for artistic practice, by providing access to artists at the beginning of their careers and as leader of workpackage -8 that aims to create artistic interventions. Additionally KHB will implement insights from the ARTIS project into the teaching in the “Foundation Class” and will take primary responsibility for a report of the design for an empirically informed curriculum for arts initiatives at KHB that will serve as a general curriculum suggestion. (Del. 8.1, Month 42). This will also lead to an online toolbox on transformation/social change-focused artschool curriculum. (Del. 9.9, Month 48). KHB will be responsible for co-creating and implementing research at the art schools as well as for creating exhibitions (physical and online) and art interventions in Berlin (WP8). Will provide access to marginalized groups and urban settings for WP3.

General Description

Weisensee Academy of Art has been founded in 1946 by artists that were close to the Bauhaus. Until the present day, the teaching principles of the Bauhaus are shaping the education at Weissensee: a joint foundation year for all students („Vorkurs“ at Bauhaus), the intensive work with material and technologies in the thirteen workshops as well as the interlacing of education and practice. With approximately 900 students and 38 professors we are a relatively small school for art and design. The curricula in Weissensee are project- focused, so skills and competencies are being taught through the work within the projects, which usually last one semester. This leads to an intensive exchange of knowledge and expertise among the students themselves and a high degree of interdisciplinarity, both of which are encouraged. The training is highly individualized with different perspectives and objectives in the various departments and disciplines. Weissensee Academy of Art has significantly expanded its research activities in recent years. They are a key partner in the cluster of excellency „Matters of Activity – Image Space Material“ which is being coordinated by Humboldt University of Berlin and which will fund three professorships at Weissensee starting from October 2019.

Students from all departments take the foundation courses in the foundation of art and design. General aesthetic, visual and practical foundational knowledge and practice are thought, including foundations in the fields of digital media and anatomy/morphology. With the special structure and its range of what is on offer, the foundational program is a specialty of Weissensee Academy of Art. The program emphasizes in particular the following: teaching the foundation art and design, expanding individual creative abilities, open up new work modes, acquisition of expertise and skills in various crafts and more.

 Main individuals carrying out research