University of Arts, Belgrade (FDU) RS

Specific Department: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Research Institute), University of Arts in Belgrade

Main individuals carrying out task

(1)  Dr. Milena Dragićević Šešić (female), Professor, director of the Research Institute (Theatre, Film, Radio & Television), Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Main tasks

As member of the PMT (Šešić), will secure the continuous focus on stakeholder engagement. FDU will lead workpackage 9 dedicated to this task. FDU will be responsible for policy making and dissemination activities, including the drafting and monitoring of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. (Del. 9.1) and the Communication, Dissemination and Sustainability Plan (CDSP, Task 9.2) as well as CDSP impact reports (De. 9.6) and Sustainability report with recommendations on how to exploit findings beyond the project period, and ways in which partners and stakeholders may stay involved in the follow up of activities. (Del. 9.7, Month 48). A second main task is to organize an exhibition (WP 8) in order to extent the artistic co-creation activities of KHB. FDUw ill be a primary point of contact with cultural management and policy making partners (e.g., UNESCO), with the tasks of researching previous literature, drafting new policy materials (e.g., white papers) and communicating to wider stakeholder community. Will host stakeholder integration meeting in month 36 (artist co-creation and begin policy).

General Description

The University of Arts in Belgrade was founded in 1957 as an association of four art faculties: the Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Today, it comprises 2.700 students, more than 470 professors and 70 study programs in diverse arts disciplines, on undergraduate, master and doctoral level.

The Faculty of Dramatic Arts is Serbia’s largest school of higher education in theatre, film, radio and television and other performing arts. Outstanding in all areas, the Faculty is devoted both to the development of student’s individual artistic voice and professional standard of student productions. The Faculty’s most celebrated graduates permeate the whole of our cultural-artistic environment. Teachers and associates at all departments are most renowned artists, theoreticians and experts from the fields of dramatic and audio-visual arts, cultural and media studies.

The Faculty of Dramatic Arts has 10 departments and more than 40 different study programs on all levels - 8 artistic departments (practice-based research: Acting; Theatre and Radio Directing; Dramaturgy; Film and Television Directing; Film and Television Production; Camera; Editing; Sound Recording and Design) and 2 research departments (Management and Production in Theatre, Radio & Culture, and, Theory and History of Dramatic Arts), together with research Institute (Theatre, Film, Radio & Television). The Faculty has about 560 students, 121 teachers and associates.

The Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDA) is a leading academic institution of higher education in the fields of cultural and media studies, performing arts, film and TV. With its long tradition of productive creativity, quality study programs, eminent professors and exceptional study resources, the faculty is a distinguished educational, artistic and cultural institution. FDA’s core activity is the organization and and implementation of study programs as well as artistic and scientific work in dramatic and audio-visual arts at all three levels: undergraduate academic studies, graduate academic studies (master studies and vocational academic studies), artistic doctoral studies and scientific doctoral studies. The aims of the faculty are: to contribute in the cultural development, participative policy making and sustainability of cultural and media system in Serbia; to discover and educate talents, foster students' creative and intellectual potentials; to promote free expression of ideas, development of artistic, theoretical, managerial and cultural disciplines; to enable studying and life-long learning. With the mission to be recognized as a staging ground for new ideas, the faculty has developed specific ways of focusing and directing arts education, unifying artistic and theoretical research and providing a platform for interdisciplinary research.

 Main individuals carrying out research
 Additional collaborators and human resources
Significant infrastructure and/or items of technical equipment

The Institute for Theater, Film, Radio and Television FDA publishes the journal The Anthology of Essays of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and has a book-publishing program. The FDA has great premises for international conferences, as well as numerous experiences in organizing them. It has extensive and practical links with organization in the field of culture and media, developed during research training and consultancy programs and projects. Additionally, the FDA has different teaching programs in the fields of cultural and media studies, performing arts, film and TV, through which different types of interventions, workshops and experimentation with young artists could be developed and performed.