ARTIS team members receive FWF funding



ARTIS team members at University of Vienna (Pelowski, consortium leader) just received funding from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) for an exciting new consortium project on the intersection of artistic creativity, visual art making and Parkinson’s Disease. The project ("Unlocking the Muse: Transdisciplinary approaches to understanding and applying the intersection of artistic creativity and Parkinson’s disease”), under the first-of-its-kind #ConnectingMinds initiative brings together psychologists, neuroscientists, medical doctors, societal partners, and art therapists from Austria and the Netherlands. It will uniquely combine an unprecedented new perspective on patient-centered, individualized interventions for Parkinson’s with innovative data collection, cross-modal assessment, and neurostimulation methods designed to bring new understanding to brain function in Parkinson’s disease and to one of the most complex human behaviors: the human capacity for artistic creativity. This will also provide an exciting extension for the ARTIS program to connect with stakeholders in art therapy and medicine and extending the discussion on art’s societal impact to the body and brain! See here for the press release: